I received an email from WEB.COM announcing a raise in monthly subscription rates. On Thursday, October 9th 12:00pm, I placed a call to web.com's cancellation line in order to cancel my service.

I waited on hold for approximately 35 minutes and had to hang up (unserved) because my lunch break had ended. Saturday, October 11th, I placed another call around 3:30pm and waited on hold another 30 minutes. Frustrated, I hung up and dialed their technical support number. A human being picked up almost immediately and proceeded to take my information and transferred me to customer service.

It is now 5:25pm and I have been on hold for 1 hour and 35 minutes. (still on hold now.)

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Tried to Cancel today, Phones Busy! Wrote email to customer service.

Magically they billed me 3 days early, which was today.

I have had 3 good calls for service and 2 really pushy people trying to ad more packages to my account with bad advice.

And the sales call over promised and under delivered, this company seems to have no QA! And the consultations are somewhat vague and generalized, you could learn most the same advice consulting with one or 2 local web marketing sales people for a sales consult.


i am going through the same issue right now as i am typing this review it is now one hour twenty minutes and still waiting trying to cancel their *** gorilla marketing which was useless i am gonna report them to the bbb.

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