web.com keeps charging my account, even though I cancelled it two months ago. I can never get through on the line to talk to someone, but I did manage to get an email stating, clearly, that my account was cancelled.

Finally. Then they went and charged me again. I feel ripped off, and I explained that if this isn't resolved, I'll take other action. I'm not trying to disrespect the company, but I would like to be treated with respect and not as if I'm ***.

It needs to be settled amicably. I have no desire to make a huge issue of this, of course.

I just rely on my income, and it's quite inconvenient to have to address this over the course of three months. They could use a better way to address cancellation requests, as their phone lines are always busy and it's increasingly difficult to get through.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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Sharon, Massachusetts, United States #967892

I cancelled with web.com in May of 2014 and I have several emails of cancellation number but they are still managing to take $50.00 monthly out of my account. I think I need a lawsuit.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #841887

Issue was resolved. They gave me a full refund for two months worth of services.

I am now satisified with the outcome. Unless they mess up again next month, this complaint is done.

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