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I called these people to learn about their program. On the first phone call they said I would not be charged anything until I had approved the website however they needed to run my card for the first $99 monthly payment only to make sure it was a valid card.

They said they would run it but my card would not be charged. Against my better judgement I gave them my card number. After one month they called to tell me my website was partially done I checked it and asked them where all the pages were. They said that the $99 was only for a 5 page website and that additional pages would be an additional monthly fee.

This was NEVER explained to me. I told the right then and there that I was not going to be using them because their initial contact with me was very misleading. Because I am not great at reconciling my credit card bills I did not notice for five months that they had been charging me the unauthorized amount of $99 a month. I contacted them and was told I had never cancelled my account.

I told them I never authorized it to be opened in the first place. After submitting the proper paperwork for a review and refund web.com denied me a refund.

They could see that nothing beyond their originally pledged "test pages for review" was ever done and that nothing had progressed beyond that and the website was never activated they still kept $500 of my money. They are a crooked company.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Clovis, California, United States #658482

You're an ***. I'm glad I'm not as *** as people like you, because I couldn't imagine having to go through life with the extra burden of being too dumb for my own good.

Nobody "runs" cards to test for validity.

Jesus. If you have a gut instinct, go with it.

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