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On 8/2/11 I received a call from Larry, said they would promote my website free for 30 days, later that day my card was charged, I spoke to Demetric (supv)he said, card wasnt charged but I was looking at my bank account, then he said its just an authorization, they could credit it back in a few days. I told him cancel everything, charges were reversed, but now here it is Sept and my card was charged again, and all they can tell me is they will put in a request for a refund.

They havent done anything to promote my website, and have charged me $140 again!!! If you get a call from them hang up!!!!

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#481743 is an awful scam. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD ANY OF THEM SAY- and then when you ask to speak to a supervisor theres only an email address.

its a crock of ***. They offered me a free trail and when i called to cancel it, they extended the free trial. After i agreed to this, I WAS MIRACULOUSLY charged. When i called to have my money returned they said theres nothing they can do and they will "make a note" ..

i call again and they tell me i can email claims.

I do so and their response is a mere "sorry but you had the service provided so you are being charged" ... i NEVER agreed to that and just because you have my credit card number on file does not mean you can abuse the priviledge and completely take advantage.


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