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Here's the complaint I filed with my state attorney general's office about Don't ever do business with these ***....I've never seen anything like it!

June 8, 2007
State of Massachusetts
Office of the Attorney General
Cambridge Consumer Council
831 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

In 2004, I ordered a web hosting plan from (now for $6.95/month. I used the automatic billing option with my debit card. On February 26, 2007, my monthly automatic payment at went from $6.95/month to $16.95. I was not notified of the price increase, which was billed for four months before I noticed it on a bank statement. This unauthorized expense caused my account to overdraw, resulting in 2 $35.00 overdraft fees. I had been hosting with Wazoo Web (which was later bought by for four years with no price increase.

When I called to settle this, I was given a variety of excuses, put on hold, told to call other companies, and even hung up on. After much persistence, a representative told me that they had emailed me in February 22, 2007 to inform me of the price increase. I never received the email about a price increase. They were unable to provide me with evidence that it was sent (they couldn't tell me the subject line). Even if it was sent, I didn't receive it. It could have been lost on yahoo's server or sent to a junk mail folder. A mass email is not a bona fide attempt to notify me of a 150 percent price increase. Therefore the price increase is invalid. When I asked them why they didn't notify me by certified mail, they said that since they are an online company, they don't send certified mails.

I was offered a service credit (obviously a concession of wrongdoing). I'm not interested in a service credit because I canceled my service because I don't trust the company. I'm only interested in a refund. At this time of this writing, phone calls to billing manager Justin Peeples and legal department representative Tracy Connor have not been returned.

I'm am seeking a refund of $40 for the four months that I was billed at $16.95 (instead of $6.95) .


date __________________________ Consumer's Signature ___________________________________

YES, you may release my complaint and my name and address to parties legally entitled to this information under Mass. public records law
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